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Hammock Handloom Home Textile production


History & Today’s organization:

Arom is a leading manufacturer of fabric hammocks. 

We use superior quality cotton which is organically grown and durable, so the fabric is long lasting and skin friendly and we take care of all the process, from the design to to end product.


Vision & Missions:

Arom aims to maintain and constantly improve the quality of its products, using eco-friendly raw material like organic cotton, natural yarn and woods, keeping a strong awareness of its natural environment as well as its customer needs.

By giving employment opportunities to people from the local area , Arom sustains the activity of traditional hand loom weaver families, whose activity could have been be threatened by poverty.

Leaders & Team:

Led by Mani who was born in Auroville,  Arom  has a team of 4 women from the rural surroundings.



Opportunities at Arom

at Arom
Daily tasks: Taking pictures of our products and creating a catalog with a description of the different items. Develop the content of our website. Basically it is all about developing the marketing strategy of the products.
at Arom
Daily tasks: Part of the task is office work: keep the contact and update the clients, answer the mails, organize exhibitions,..other part is field work which includes travelling and visiting clients and being in contact with local rural craft.