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Auroville Health Services (AVHS)

Preventive health care support and education in Auroville and the bio-region

History & Today’s organization

Dr. Beena laid the foundations of Auroville Health Services in 2005 and spent five years building an effective health program. Today, the team at AVHS aims works to improve health for all by organizing educational programs, providing access to care and hygiene training. 

Vision & Missions

Living standards are often extremely basic in the bio-region of Auroville, resulting in poor hygiene and nutrition. We work in an integrated manner with local people and groups in order to raise health standards, to offer them the essential tools to take responsibility for their own health and act upon it. 

Our preventive health care service therefore provides ongoing health and food safety eduction, yoga classes for villagers, ecological sanitation and water systems for homes, schools and villages, as well as health and hygiene monitoring in Auroville. 

Leaders & Team

Our team has 7 Aurovilians and many members coming from the surrounding villages.


Location:Mahalakshmi Home, Crown Road, next to Arka , Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu India

Opportunities at Auroville Health Services (AVHS)

Daily tasks: Assistance with meals, medicines, housework, and social care giving. Organizing transport, attendance, or treatment or clinic visits, shopping, social events in Auroville. To make sure of their weekly personal hygiene. Assisting for activity individually or in group, like yoga for elderly, brain gym, gymnastics, singing.
Daily tasks: Coordinating Hygiene Program at AV food processing units, eateries and school and guest houses and Senior Home care, either at individual homes of the seniors or at Marika Home (which functions as a Senior Home for max. 5 seniors)