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History & Today’s organization 

Earthauz is an architect studio based at the International House (previously American Pavilion) that whas built under Manu’s supervision. It  has been implementing its extensive research in terms of recycled material for construction in building the extension of International House. 

At present, the focus is on a large community building project, experimenting with new ecological building techniques and recycled materials to provide a large number of dense affordable housing for Aurovillians, Newcomers or long time volunteers. 

The building process as well as its outcome aims at building a community, sharing principles of sustainable living, responsibilities, food production and resources. 

Vision & Missions

Earthauz aims to to develop affordable intermediate technology in construction using  natural & recycled materials, participatory design and self-help construction. The practice therefore draws upon local traditions, materials and needs. 

EartHauz is the project holder of Sacred Groves, an emblematic sustainable project of building affordable and ecological housing for young ([email protected]).

Leaders & Team

The current construction project led by Manu involves a large group of volunteers, and students in architecture, energy or other subjects. The project welcomes all enthusiasts of experimental building techniques and those willing to commit to the building of such an ambitious project. 


Location:International Zone

Opportunities at EartHauz

Daily tasks: Design and update a website or a blog in order to promote the project. Take pictures of the site and constructions, destinated to the site. Create and fill a database containing the prices of the materials used in the project. Create a real time interface displaying the evolution of the prices, through our website.
Daily tasks: Use existing documentation of the progress of the project, the various contraction experiments, to create pedagogical documents describing the evolution and learnings of our project. The goal is to provide smart documentation to brief those who continuously join the project.
Daily tasks: Produce detailed drawings of the constructions using a design software (AutoCad, Sketchup...)
Daily tasks: Take part in all construction aspects of the housing project. Construction techniques used vary as the project grows and experiments with various ideas. At present, the team is using an ancestral technique of building with cob.
Daily tasks: Supervise the team in the construction process. Be present on site for a permanent contact. Take part in meetings with the coordination team.
Daily tasks: The volunteer will give individual psychological support to the members of our team on site. This is necessary as the work on site is demanding both physically and psychologically.
Daily tasks: Build the houses core structure, undertake repairs and finishing touches.
Daily tasks: Create murals, sculpture moving with the wind, arboreal, sculpture including effects with the light (light designing).