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Martuvam Healing Forest

Martvuam HF is involved in many projects. The main one is to spread the Siddha medecine culture, which is an ancestral way of healing. Unfortunately this tradition seems to be lost, while it’s very efficient and 100% natural. Our goal, is to perpetuate this wonderful medecine and transmit our knowledges.


Unit History & Vision

Martuvam is an organically harvested forest that is home to a variety of Ayurvedic herbs and medicinal plantsused intraditional Siddha medicine. Incepted in early 2002, it issituated along the western periphery of Auroville, on the outskirts of the green belt. This piece of barren land was lovingly planted and cultivated by Sivaraj, Malar and their three kids along with friends from Auroville using traditional techniques for harvesting as well. Today the forest covering a total of 7 acres of land, holds a deeply powerful and potent energy of incredible value to the entire community. Based on the principles of the ancient practice of Siddha science, Martuvam is committed to serving the community by providing natural remedies, preventive measures and alternative therapies to all members of the society regardless of their socioeconomic conditions. 

One of the objectives of this center is to raise awareness of alternative health practices and educate the massesonthe numerous healing benefits of traditional herbal medicine and natural plant remedies rooted in Siddha science;and that way help the modern society develop a stronger connection with our planet and Nature.We plan to establish a heritage walk through the forest as way to form a closer relationship with the Herbal plants and understand their history to gain better knowledge of their healing powers.

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Leaders & Team 

Sivaraj attained a diploma qualification for Siddha Medical Science and was trained under the able guidance of Dr. Salvarasu, a well known practitioner in Southern India. He has been practicing ever since by providing free consultations and treatments, and conducting regular workshops to educate the masses, especially students and youth members, of the myriad benefits of herbalism and natural plant remedies. Malar is a qualified homeopath and running a Herbal quilting studio on site, and offers assistance and clinical guidance to patients at the local clinic in collaboration with her mentor Ms. Sigrid. 

We are currently looking for volunteers to assist us in activities of the Healing forest and Herbal garden.

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Opportunities at Martuvam Healing Forest

Daily tasks: General maintenance and upkeep of the forest Cleaning and clearing the forest Pruning the plants Prepare the trail path for Herbal walks Preparesignageand name tags for the herbs Identification of medicinal plants and their benefits Paint new sign boards Support the development of an indoor Herbal garden bed Planting seeds and saplings to grow more medicinal herbs for a patch garden