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Oli School

History and today’s organisation.

Oli School was created in 2011 to offer schooling to surrounding village kids at kindergarten level. It has become an outstanding educational place for 88 children, who receive a practical preparation to writing, reading and counting, together with an opening to the inner consciousness.

Children are mostly between 2 and 3 years old, with a group of older ones. The school has recently moved to the buildings of Last school, and added a sheltered space for dining area and storage.


Vision and Missions

Inspired by the notion of “free progress” that was taught by the founder of Auroville in her vision of “integral education”, this school is based on the pedagogy of Montessori and utilizes all the games, toys, material and exercizes offered in the Montessori methods. Oli means light in tamil, all the activities monitored by village women teachers are held in order to develop concentration and openness to inner and outer development.


Leaders & Team

There are 13 teachers, Tamil women from rural India trained to Montessori pedagogy and spiritual practices, under the monitoring fo 3 executives and 2 advisers.




Location:Last school Campus, Kuillapalayam Auroville 605101 TN

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