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Sadhana Forest

Sadhana Forest is a volunteer-based reforestation project and sustainable living community.

History & Today’s organization: 

Started in 2003, Sadhana Forest works on the reclamation of 70 acres of Auroville land. The work is done by a community of volunteers from all over India and the world. The community is off the grid using only solar and human-powered systems. Other sustainable practices include eating vegan, organic food, building from local and natural materials, using dry composing toilets, composting all of our food waste, using wick irrigation for the tress to reduce water consumption, etc.

Vision & Missions :

Sadhana Forest now works in India, Haiti and Kenya and would like to expand to more arid regions of the world like west Africa, south America, central Asia, and more.

Leaders & Team :

Sadhana Forest is lead by Yorit and Aviram Rozin and a team of long term volunteers.



Location:behind Morattandi village -

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