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Forestry and farming practice aiming to foster a sustainable way of living.

History & Today’s organization

Baraka community is managing and protecting 4o acres of Auroville’s bioregion in the Green Belt area. 

Vision & Missions

Facilitating a learning ground for kids to connect with both animals and nature. Fostering awareness through interraction.

Leaders & Team

A team of 6 people works on the forest and the farm. 


Location:Baraka (Green Belt area, Auroville)

Opportunities at Baraka

at Baraka
Daily tasks: Planting, clearing off creepers and thorn bushes in the designated forest areas. Prooning trees, working with timber.
at Baraka
Daily tasks: Tending to vegetable garden, harvesting fruit, planting. Occasional delivery of vegetables to the city area may be needed.

Workshops & Training

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