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Auroville Village Action Group

Auroville Village Action Group

History & Today’s organization:

Founded in 1983, AVAG is the umbrella and platform for village development from Auroville.

AVAG has developed into a solid and reputable organization for positive social change that fosters the integral development of civil society, democracy building and social advocacy.

Working with all sections of the communities in and around the Auroville bioregion, it fosters participatory village transformation in approximately 80 villages through: Community Development, Economic Development, Capacity Building and Psycho social Support .

Vision & Missions:
The vision of the unit is to collaborate with rural communities to reveal their innate wisdom and ability to collectively determine and manifest their dynamic potential.

The emphasis is not on charity or service, but co-development, and to foster holistic development through solidarity and cooperation within the communities. In our inclusive community-building mission, we work with all sections of society irrespective of class, caste, gender, and religion.

AVAG fosters participatory village transformation through
*Community development
*Economic development
*Capacity building
*Psycho social support
with rural communities in the Auroville bioregion.

Who We Work With:

AVAG works in 80 settlements located in Vanur block, Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu with a total population of 1,00,000 villagers. Our programs work with all sectors of society, women and men as well as their children, with Dalit (formerly Untouchables) and caste groups, and provide linkages to government schemes and private institutions. We mentor community based organisations like the women’s federation, PAALAM network, and Auroville Bioregional Sprots and Cultural Association and a social enterprise called AVAL.

AVAG interweaves local traditions with the Mother’s dream of Auroville, bringing knowledge and services outward to the neighboring communities. AVAG partners in this task with many Aurovillians and Auroville units like Botanical Gardens. Sante, Aqua Dyn, Pitchandikulam, Auroville Child Protection Services, Thamarai, Eco Femme, and Sankalpa.

How We Work:

AVAG works through a network of around 5000 women organized in 300 Self-Help Groups (SHG) and 600 men organized in 35 SHG’s. Administration and decision making of the SHG network is in the hands of elected leadership organized into Women’s and Men’s Federations.

What We Do:

AVAG implements programs across the four critical areas of community and economic development, capacity building and psychosocial services. Specific activities include a successful crdit and savings and revolving fund schemes, exchange programs and exposure trips, micro projects and trainings in alternative health and healing, environmental issues, livelihood and entrepreneurship training, and technical skill development.

AVAG consists of 3 executives, 3 project directors, 7 cluster coordinators, 5 administrative staff, and 5 support staff. We get Indian and international volunteers and interns to support our initiatives.

Legal status:

AVAG is a unit of the Auroville village action group (AVAT) which is registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882, Tamilnadu and functions as part of the Auroville Foundation.

Leaders & Team: 

The team is formed by 19 permanent staff and 1 to 5 volunteers. It patronizes several dynamic projects.




Location:Irumbai road, Irumbai village & post, opp to EB substation - 605111 Tamil Nadu India

Opportunities at Auroville Village Action Group

Daily tasks: Create visual material, for different types of public. Supporting the documenting and outreach activities. Managing the relationship with Auroville social media, and the general media Organize and manage the visual material in the website and youtube account.
Daily tasks: Attending the meetings and training sessions and preparing the minutes, linkage with different Auroville units, updating the web-page, documentation, preparing newsletter for AVAG, scheduling the meetings when needed etc.
Daily tasks: First familiarizing with AVAG; creating outreach and informational materials and then identifying, writing and submitting project proposals. Innovating previously untried approaches to networking. Assist with funding strategy and budget planning.
Daily tasks: Analyzing surveys and writing reports for distribution and/or publication; Preparing questionnaires for future surveys Working with field staff to translate existing Tamil monitoring tools into English; Writing/standardizing format for Activity Reports; Disseminating completed materials; Networking with potential partners; Assisting with office tasks when needed.
Daily tasks: Help in designing new products for our social enterprise, training and fine tuning the women in making the new and existing products, managing the production, preparing the catologue and promotional materials and if possible help in marketing.