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Sanskrit Research Institute (SRI)


History and today’s organisation

The Sanskrit Research Institute was formally inaugurated in Auroville in 2013, building upon a previous body of research. With a background in ayurvedic medicine, vedic science and research in Sanskrit, its founder established the institute to foster deep research into the Sanskrit language, and share it on a wide scale. The research brings together experts from around the world, volunteers or other Aurovillian units.

The institute is developing various tools for the study of Sanskrit such as an online Sanskrit dictionary or learning posters to be used in schools. Tools are either aimed at Sanskrit scholars or at those without any previous knowledge of Sanskrit. 

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Vision and Missions

 The Sanskrit Research Institute aims at opening up the mystery and depth of the Sanskrit language, easing its access for students worldwide. Sanskrit opens up a world of knowledge and wisdom. Researching into Sanskrit demonstrates the existence of a common thread amongst languages and cultures ; it is a unifying tool.

On a long term, the institute could develop into a strong learning institution for Sanskrit that is today lacking in India.


Led by its founder Martin, a small team of five – including two volunteers at present -works in collaboration with consultants and researchers.

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Opportunities at Sanskrit Research Institute (SRI)

Daily tasks: The task is to manipulate sanskrit data on a computer software, extracting it from large encyclopedic sources to feed into various forms of outputs : the sanskrit dictionary, posters or learning portals. The volunteer will work with ancient sanskrit texts, the written marks of ancient oral traditions.