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26 Opportunities for area : Crafts & Products Design

Daily tasks: Attending the meetings and training sessions and preparing the minutes, linkage with different Auroville units, updating the web-page, documentation, preparing newsletter for AVAG, scheduling the meetings when needed etc.
Daily tasks: Create visual material, for different types of public. Supporting the documenting and outreach activities. Managing the relationship with Auroville social media, and the general media Organize and manage the visual material in the website and youtube account.
Daily tasks:

Open and run the shop (cash, digital payment, daily cleaning, keep the shop nice and tidy and make sure all items are visible and well arranged), talk with visitors about the upcycled products in the shop and through it about green practices and green activities happening in Auroville.
According to the volunteers could also be running upcycling workshop, posting on social media, creating posters and booklet.